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Booking / Ticket
Terms & Conditions

1) When buying a ticket, please make sure that details entered are correct before you proceed to the checkout/payment as once the ticket is generated, we are unable to change them due to data protecton.

2) Tickets purchased are non-refundable. Seating downgrades are also not allowed.

3) If you require a date or time change on your already purchased ticket(s), please be aware that a surcharge of 20% will be applied on the total price paid for and the new ticket(s) will be charged at full price (no existing promotions/discounts will be carried forward). For such price differences as a result including any upgrade requests, additional fees will be charged accordingly.

All fees and charges must be paid in advance before we are able to proceed with any changes requested. An invoice and payment link will be sent via email to the customer with the payable fees & charges.

All changes are subject to availability.

All changes must be requested at least 48 hours before the start of the event you initially booked. We are not able to accommodate last minute changes.

4) Tickets are for free-seating arrangement (no numbered seats) according to the section purchased (VIP Lane 1, 2, 3, Hot Seats, Standard/Rear) and guests are seated on a first come first served basis.

5) Please ensure your ticket is visible to be scanned.

6) If you are atending the event as a group, please make sure that all atendees are present at the entrance in the Big Top.

7) Outside food/drinks are not allowed.

8) ALL purchases inside the Big Top (food, souvenirs) are CASH ONLY.

9) If we are sold out online, please contact 019 418 8553 to check for on-site availability.

10) Ages for the tickets are:

Children: 3 – 12 years old

Adult: 13 – 60 years old


11) Children under 3 years old (by birth year) enter Free of charge (no seating).

12) Senior Citizens (above 60 years old) are eligible for Children ticket prices.

13) Disabled (w/ OKU Document): Free*

*(This can be booked at the specific venue ticket office only)

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